Make Managing Documents Easy to Find, Use, and Share

Connect your Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to all your data sources today, gain better results, and take your business to new heights!

Optimize Work Through Metadata-Driven Document Management

Improve knowledge worker productivity

Up to 40% gains by avoiding time wasted searching for the right document.

Increase consistency and reduce errors

When staff easily finds the right information their work is more consistent with fewer mistakes and rework.

Improve staff experience

Knowledge workers are happier when they spend more time using their skills, and less time searching.

Avoid rework

Get work done right the first time when it’s easy for staff to find and use correct documents and nomenclature.

Facilitate work from anywhere

Regardless of the access point, workers can easily find the right information from any device, no matter where it’s stored or by whom.

Speed up routine work

With the correct information at their fingertips, your team can quickly and easily handle their document-centered tasks.

Leverage master records accuracy

Metadata ensures contracts and reports automatically include correct names, titles, locations, and more.

Make your current applications more powerful

Your CRM and ERP become more useful by accessing current, relevant documents through the application’s interface.

The Benefits of Holistic Document Management

"M-Files offered us so many more options for automation, synergies, and independent expansion compared to the competition that it is the best solution economically. In addition, M-Files is much less complicated and easier to maintain than the other product."

Rudi Gatzemeyer
Team Leader
Infrastructure and User Support at Plan International Deutschland


See How Other Companies Manage Content With M-Files

EN-Roal (1)


AQ Group uses M-Files for document management, quality management, and processing management in around 40 offices and factories in 16 different countries.


Head Energy

Head Energy, a Scandinavian engineering and consulting company, uses M-Files to improve workflows and improved collaboration for its 650 employees.

Trusted by Over 5,000 Customers Worldwide

Optimize Work Through Metadata-Driven Document Management

Information management improves top-line and bottom-line results for consulting firms.

Intuitive metadata tags help users find what they need regardless of where it’s stored

Permission controls give access to the right people, and no one else

AI scans existing documents to automatically tag metadata

Master record data are directly inserted into documents

OCR can digitize existing print documents to enhance control

Dark data can be discovered through AI scanning of legacy data

Electronic signatures complete documents faster and ensure auditability

Personalized views mimic folder interfaces to ease transition

See M-⁠Files in Action

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