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With M-Files you get the metadata-driven document management solution that's tailored to your business needs.

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We have helped thousands of companies streamline their business processes, boost productivity and take control of their document management.

M-⁠Files gives complete visibility on documents and processes, letting you deliver projects on time, within budget and safely

  • AEC document management capabilities enable seamless management of everything from CAD drawings and project plans to emails and Office documents
  • Integrate with AutoCAD to offer support for xrefs, searching within DWG files, and inserting M-⁠Files properties into AutoCAD drawings
  • Automate review and approval processes for plans, specifications, proposals, engineering drawings, and any other type of document
  • Bring together documents, emails, drawings, and more from current and past projects, no matter where they are saved

From oil refining to coal mining to solar power production, M-⁠Files understands that ensuring quality standards and immediate access to important documents is critical

  • Bring all your business-⁠critical documents in to one central system to give management teams high level visibility to key operations
  • Maintain one central platform to author, publish and distribute safety and sustainability documentation to work towards a zero-⁠incident workplace
  • Centralize compliance tasks and related documentation in a single platform to simplify and expedite tasks like SOP handling, audits and CAPAs
  • Give employees instant access to the information they need to complete their core tasks

We help your company keep information about owners, tenants, and properties in one place — without stressful data migration

  • Have access to all documentation related to tenants, owners, and properties- no matter where they're stored
  • Reduce mistakes by eliminating manual and paper intensive processes
  • Ensure data is stored safely and securely, while automating retention and disposition policies to allow access to just the right audience

We help client focused organizations deliver superior service while reducing non-billable time spent searching for the right information

  • Have one point of access where all client information is organized and stored safely
  • Automate time heavy processes like client onboarding, case management, and project hand-offs
  • Protect your reputation through data encryption and access permissions
  • Provide superior service with customized client hubs and automated workflows that keep information exchange easy

Industry Leaders Endorse the M-Files Advantage

"Being able to provide factual evidence in a matter of seconds is so important. Not only does this help with customer satisfaction, but it alleviates stress for our staff."

Jim Ashmore
Director of Operations


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M-Files delivers an agile, scalable and intuitive information management solution for Finnish electricity transmission service provider.

EN-Manzil (3)

Manzil Healthcare

In this case study, discover how Manzil, a healthcare services provider increased efficiency and reduced their dependency on paper-based processes with document management from M-Files.

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