Control and Monitor Document-Heavy Processes

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Automate policies and governance

Ensure all offices, staff, and projects conform with practices and policies established for work efficiency and risk containment.

Automate data retention

Policies by client, regulation, or litigation for data retention or destruction can be automated across file systems, users, and teams.

Contain data leakage

Role-based permissions provide instant access to the right people while others won’t even know the data exists.

Demonstrate compliance to auditors, clients, and regulators

Built-in tracking of document version and access histories enables rapid audits against policies and regulations.

Organizations Reducing Risk and Ensuring Compliance

"We have a process-based way of working. This means that we have described the process owner role and have also dedicated e-learning solutions available to define these roles. This ensures that everyone works in an effective and secure way in accordance with applicable laws and regulations."

Amy Wegdam
Operations Manager

"The ability to implement automated workflows has been a godsend. It makes people accountable to their tasks and keeps processes moving forward. We are hoping to expand our use of M-Files throughout the company going forward."

Manuel Alvarado
Director of IT

"As well as usability and accessibility, compliance was also very important. M-Files software is compliant with JCIA and HIIPAA standards. Critically, for u when meeting compliance standards there were certain considerations which need to be in place."

Yasser Quraishy
Executive Director of Digital Health and Innovation
Manzil Healthcare Services


Compliance and Risk Management

M-Files helps organizations reduce business risk and ensure compliance.

Gated access ensures information security with control over who can access documents at different process stages

Version tracking ensures documentation is accurate and the most recent at all times

Role-based permissions change information access automatically when people leave or change roles

AI enables greater visibility and control over existing documents through automatic metadata tagging

Master record tagging keeps documents aligned and auditable by client, engagement, or project

Dark data scanning brings risks under control with discovery and tagging across all storage systems and repositories

Audit trail views of document version histories help speed up the process of demonstrating compliance

Data retention and destruction policies can be automatically implemented across storage platforms, users, and teams.

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3D printing specialist uses M-Files for intelligent information management for control and quality assurance.

EN-Manzil (3)


Manzil, a healthcare services provider increased efficiency and reduced their dependency on paper-based processes with document management from M-Files.



Sustainable steel company leverages M-Files Solutions to lead a new journey into digitization and collaboration.

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